PS4 Release date announced.

As with most gamers I have been checking multiple times a day to find out when the PS4 was going to be released.

I have had my PS4 several games, an extra controller and the new eye on preorder with Game Stop since well, they day I could Pre-Order. And now finally we have an official release date from Sony.

The PS4 will be released on November 15th 2013.

So now that I have an official release date I can stop watching the news feeds like a hawk but I wish they would have released a bit sooner just from a pure I want to play with it stand point.

I put down about $150 on my pre-order. But as mentioned previously I also pre-ordered Knack, Infamous Second Son, a third game that I cant for the life of me remember what it was, an extra controller and the new eye.

So we have the PS4 at $400, plus three games at $60, another controller at $60 and the eye at $60. All in all at launch I will have to pay another $550 plus taxes to get my game on. With an initial investment of over $700 dollars as I am sure there will be other games I want at launch. Now have I set any of this money aside… no I’ve been buying games and playing with my RC truck. So its time to start pinching pennies to get the PS4 on release day.

Now here is the question, when will the midnight release parties be announced? Will my game stop do a real release party unlike the midnight release of COD-BOII. Will they have vendors there, loud music and all that jazz. This is something I really need to know. Because I WILL be setting the thing up in the parking lot. I’ve got a generator if they will let me use it. If not I have a large power inverter that will suffice. I fully intend on bringing my Truck, setting up the 42″ TV on the tool box and playing PS4. Now of course this depends on the weather BUT I Do have a canopy so I may be able to keep everything out of the weather.

Where will you be when the PS4 launches? Let us know.

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