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Skylanders Giants Review


I have to say that I was a little disappointed in Giants vs the first in the series Skylanders Spyros Adventure. In the first adventure the game play seemed much longer. Keep in mind that when playing Skylanders I always have a little one playing with me. The first Skylanders it took us a while to get through the entire game and beat it. Skylanders Giants took us 4 days only playing in the evenings. Skylanders Giants has 16 story chapters whereas Spyros Adventure has 22 by default and 26 with the expansions.

Now where they have reduced the amount of actual chapters they have added a few other side missions such as the arena battles with Brock, protecting the ship from flying explosives and a few other little things so it still a good size game. My family tends to concentrate on the story line though so hopefully the upcoming release will have more story than side missions.

The GIANTS are STRONG, almost too strong. The starter pack came with one Giant and Santa brought us another two giants. Just starting out both myself and my six year old daughter completed several levels with the giant before dying or really even getting to the half way mark. Sure we were playing on easy but she was only 6.

The new new normal size giants are great as well, we were very pleased to see that they put in more female characters than the previous one. That was my daughters biggest complaint about the first one. Then throw in the Series 2 and the Series 2 lightcore of the first Skylanders and you have a wide array of Skylanders.

The story line goes about in almost the same fashion as the first game in the series, the evil Kaos has something up his sleeve and he finds an Archean robot to help him do his evil bidding to take over Skylands. During gameplay we did notice a few recycled areas from the first Skylanders. Specifically some of the elemental gated areas are identical in layout from random areas in the first game. I understand reusing for the sake of time but each game should be unique.

Rather than being on land you are based out of a flying ship that can be customized as you go. On the ship there are a few areas you can explore and come available as you play. And who is the captain of said ship, you guessed it my hero Flynn. I love Flynn, he is the ultimate egotistical, self absorbed, self proclaimed ladies man that I strive to be. Ok just kidding I don’t want to be Flynn, I am BETTER, BOOM, j/k.

Upgrades are performed in the same manner as the previous where you must go talk to the absolutely annoying Persephone. If there is one thing I could ask for from Activision and Toys for Bob is to please make her use proper English. Even my daughter skips her talking. Anyway you can still collect winged sapphires (butterflies) to give you discounts on upgrades.

Overall it is still a good game with a lot of characters to play with. I think my favorite Giant is probably a toss up between Hot Head, Tree Rex and our newest Thumpback. I have not had a chance to play much with thumpback but he is pretty sweet. My daughter says “I dont have a favorite they are all my favorite”. If you have children or are even just a geek who likes to collect things its worth it to go buy it. Keep in mind though this game gets expensive if you want all of the characters.

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