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I just got the new 3D Robotics Solo
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by GunGeek on Jul 24, 2016


The price finally came down enough in order for me to splurge and get the solo drone from 3DR. I ended up getting it on Amazon sold by Ritz Camera. Continue reading →

My new RC Invictus
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by GunGeek on Jul 3, 2013


I have played with RC for a long time, of course when I was a kid I had those cheap-o K-mart RC cars. I got my first job when I was 12 or 13 and I saved up for an RC boat called the Nitro Viper GT, I didn't get to play with it much because I was in southern Arizona and finding enough water to run the thing was a little hard to come by. A few years ago I got into RC helicopters. I was always fascinated by helicopters then in the military I worked on the APACHE helicopter so it came pretty natural. I started with a cheap-o double horse RC heli then upgraded to a large Walkera 400d. I also added a few smaller LM180d01 and LM130d01 helicopters to my collection. I will talk about all these and review them later. So yesterday I got a new toy, Continue reading →

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