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So on to why I have put up this site. For the past 7 years as I mentioned I have worked in the Firearms industry, for the past two I have been so busy with work and my side businesses that I kind of forgot to have fun with it all. This website is my attempt to get back into the fun parts of both Guns and Geek stuff and to share my experiences, game time and knowledge (or lack thereof) with the world or at least to those who care to read or listen.

As far as gaming goes I have three consoles, PS3, Wii and the newest Wii U. Since the Wii is obsolete I am leaving that one out of any tutorials or videos. PS3 I like to play just about everything except for games like Final Fantasy but I am mostly into First Person Shooters, like Call of Duty. I also have a daughter who just turned 7 yesterday so I play the little kid games as well such as Little Big Planet, Skylanders (OMG our collection on these is huge), Disney and more, not just because of her to be honest, sometimes they are just fun.

I am working on a few programs for the firearms industry so keep an eye out for updates on that exciting yet sometimes painful process.

I hope you like my site and keep up with the updates.




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