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Smart Accent Lighting with Arduino and Smartthings
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by GunGeek on Dec 11, 2016


I had a shelf that was pretty bland. Couple that with the fact that I had a SmartThings Arduino Shield and wanted to make something I could control from every where and you get this project. Continue reading →

I just got the new 3D Robotics Solo
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by GunGeek on Jul 24, 2016


The price finally came down enough in order for me to splurge and get the solo drone from 3DR. I ended up getting it on Amazon sold by Ritz Camera. Continue reading →

Voice Controlled Arduino Lighting - Autobot
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by GunGeek on Jan 4, 2015


I started another project recently to control the arduino with voice commands. I decided for this one I would do some step by step instructions on instructables Continue reading →

Jet 2 Wheelchair with DL5.2i Hackin: Part 3
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by GunGeek on Nov 1, 2014


So in my last post I mentioned that we were going to continue with trying to figure out our small issues of the chair controller dumping and continue to attempt to use the joystick as an interrupt in order to allow the joystick to be used. Continue reading →

Jet 2 Wheelchair with DL5.2i Hackin: Part 2
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by GunGeek on Oct 27, 2014


After reading my last post I realized that I forgot to put specs on the RC circuit (not radio control). The resistors are 1/2 watt 4.7k ohm resistors and the capacitors are 50v 1uf capacitors. Just in case you missed it the RC circuit is required for the arduino to talk or control the chair with out the chair controller dumping. Continue reading →

Jet 2 Wheelchair with DL5.2i Hackin: Part 1
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by GunGeek on Oct 26, 2014


Recently I got into microcontrollers and to make a really long story short I decided to attempt to control a wheel chair with a microcontroller. Continue reading →

My new RC Invictus
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by GunGeek on Jul 3, 2013


I have played with RC for a long time, of course when I was a kid I had those cheap-o K-mart RC cars. I got my first job when I was 12 or 13 and I saved up for an RC boat called the Nitro Viper GT, I didn't get to play with it much because I was in southern Arizona and finding enough water to run the thing was a little hard to come by. A few years ago I got into RC helicopters. I was always fascinated by helicopters then in the military I worked on the APACHE helicopter so it came pretty natural. I started with a cheap-o double horse RC heli then upgraded to a large Walkera 400d. I also added a few smaller LM180d01 and LM130d01 helicopters to my collection. I will talk about all these and review them later. So yesterday I got a new toy, Continue reading →

New Camper
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by GunGeek on Mar 29, 2013


So we got a wild hair up our bum and went and bought a new camper. This will work out great for our trips to Myrtle Beach in SC and the multiple beaches we love in Florida. Continue reading →

by GunGeek on Feb 24, 2013


Hello my name is GunGeek and I have a confession to make, I am a Gun Geek. I am an avid Second Amendment supporter and enthusiast and I have worked in the firearms industry for over 7 years and am one of those lucky people who love what I do. I am also a HUGE geek, I love technology, I am proficient in Home theater design, computer repair, computer programming, HTML, PHP, CSS, VB, console-PC gaming (sorry xbox people but not Xbox), and I am just forcing myself to learn C#. Continue reading →

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